Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Genres: Blues
Label: FatCat Radio Network
Management: Micah Autry
Official Site: http://myspace.com/lazyjandthedirtyshuffle


The blues is at the heart and soul of Texas music as well as the best rock’n’roll. And now from the heart of Texas now comes the supercharged blues of Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle. The three-piece led by guitarist, singer and songwriter J Grover reaches down into the deep roots of the blues and brings the music into the 21st Century, firing it up with sizzling guitar work, propulsive rhythms and impassioned vocals to create blues music that honors the traditions while taking the music to new and exciting places.

“It’s greasy lowdown funky Texas blues music,” says Grover of what he and bassist Marcus Berrios and drummer James Gettys have created on the group’s debut album, Bone To Pick. Produced by David Zychek, a fellow guitarist known for his musical tenure in such groups as Airborne, Night Ranger, The Ken Hensley Band and more in addition to his own Texas-based band, the disc roams across many modes of the blues with a thrust and potency that doesn’t let go.

On the album, one can hear echoes of such influences as Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix (check out “I’ve Had Enough”), Buddy Guy (“Little Angel,” written as an homage to the blues master), T Bone Walker (on the title track) and The Allman Brothers Band (“You Don’t Love Me”) and many others. Yet the music’s final imprint is the high-energy blues of Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle.

Thanks for listening! - Bluesdaddy

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