Monday, November 30, 2009


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Mato Nanji's always provided the heartbeat of the band Indigenous - along with the warm dusty voice and the soaring, spirited guitar fireworks that have earned the group from South Dakota's Nakota Nation a place among roots rock's elite. But with the emotionally charged and musically visceral Broken Lands, the band's second album on Vanguard Records, Nanji makes a transformation from sparkplug to visionary.

"I've wanted to make an album like this for years," Nanji explains, "but to a certain extent my hands were tied. Now I feel like I've achieved so many things I've wanted this band to be. the songs I'm singing are more personal. The sound of the band has broadened, and we were able to explore all the influences that are woven into that sound - blues, soul, R&B, and even country - more than ever. And the guitar playing is more controlled, to really let the songs speak for themselves. On top of all that, I've grown as a singer. After being frustrated for a while, all of this makes me very happy.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Avett Brothers

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There is no harmony like brotherly harmony. Something indelible in the weave of voices and play of sensibilities is stamped into the fraternal DNA and also stems from a lifetime of shared experiences. You can hear it in classic brother acts across the musical spectrum, from the Louvin Brothers to the Everly Brothers and on down the decades through the Wilson brothers (Beach Boys), the Davies brothers (Kinks), the Allman Brothers and even the Brothers Gibb (a.k.a., the Bee Gees). You can clearly hear fraternal magic at work in the songs of Scott and Seth Avett, better known as the Avett Brothers, as well.

That magic is abundantly evident on I and Love and You, the Avett Brothers’ big-label debut. Its 13 songs are delivered in a style that defies pigeonholing but might be described as a rootsy amalgam of folk, country, bluegrass, rock and pop – even a jab of punk-style dynamics here and there. Drawn by the naked honesty of their songs and the rousing intensity of their live shows, legendary producer and talent scout Rick Rubin signed the Avett Brothers – consisting of siblings Scott and Seth, plus bassist Bob Crawford - to his American Recordings label in 2008.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joe Bonamassa

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Genres: Blues / RockLabel: J&R AdventuresManagement: Roy Weisman

I am an interesting person I have been told.. How does someone who is on the inside very shy, go out and preform every night... Well I don't know I just do. I am very quirky, with a dry sence of humor and like people who like to laugh it off and not take anything too seriously.. Honestly there is always tomorrow to fix it. I like sweet, honest and caring people. I cut out the people in my life that have tried to take advantage of my generous nature and my willingness and preference to give than receive. I still believe in the best in people even though I have seen and experienced the worst.. I am a hopeless romantic. Life is a very long road that you learn something new everyday. Be a sponge and keep your eyes open.. Really I was talking about when I drive. I'm a total Mr Magoo type and I'm not a very good driver!! 2009 BMW 550I Silver.. California tags.. Look out !!



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