Saturday, November 28, 2009

Joe Bonamassa

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Genres: Blues / RockLabel: J&R AdventuresManagement: Roy Weisman

I am an interesting person I have been told.. How does someone who is on the inside very shy, go out and preform every night... Well I don't know I just do. I am very quirky, with a dry sence of humor and like people who like to laugh it off and not take anything too seriously.. Honestly there is always tomorrow to fix it. I like sweet, honest and caring people. I cut out the people in my life that have tried to take advantage of my generous nature and my willingness and preference to give than receive. I still believe in the best in people even though I have seen and experienced the worst.. I am a hopeless romantic. Life is a very long road that you learn something new everyday. Be a sponge and keep your eyes open.. Really I was talking about when I drive. I'm a total Mr Magoo type and I'm not a very good driver!! 2009 BMW 550I Silver.. California tags.. Look out !!

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