Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joe Jonas

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Genres: Blues / R & B / Soul/Pop
Label: Whale Records
Management: T. Wayne


Joe Jonas, at 73, still has the voice that demands to be listened to. Originally from Beaumont, TX, now living in Dallas, he has toured the world delivering The Blues, as only Joe can do, to Blues Lovers everywhere. Being a master of the harmonica and powerful vocalist, Joe has been included on many compilation Blues CDs, including “Texas Harmonica Rumble” and “Last of the Texas Bluesmen”.

Joe also has out several CDs on his own with other back-up bands and session players. It was only a matter of time before these two great Blues acts (Joe Jonas and The Silvertones) combined their talent and energy. Having played together for benefits and other special events, they were told how well they worked together, entertaining the crowd. Both being a power house act on their own, thought that joining forces could open a lot of doors for everyone involved, and bring The Blues to a larger audience.

Of all the back-up bands Joe has worked with, he says his favorite has always been The Silvertones. “These guys don’t just back me up”, says Joe, “they make me work to keep up with them. Not only are they top notch musicians, they put on a hell of a show by themselves.” Here we have tracks from Joe's new CD, "Hard Times Are Here Again".

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